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Home In Sunnydale

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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2005|09:42 pm]
Home In Sunnydale

I hoped Giles was doing well on his return visit to the States. There was always a evolutionary process when one adjusted from the clean crisp air of England and entered into the heated bakery that was California- especially LA.

I had been taking care of our affairs as best as I could and I realized I had not heard from Fred in quite some time. Walking upstairs with a concerned expression I knocked once more on her door. "Fred?" I called out in a warm tone.

"I do believe that.. perhaps some sunshine would be most beneficial for your... health." I stumbled towards the end of the sentence. Good move Wesley. At least I didn't trip over my feet.

((Open to Fred))
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2005|08:22 pm]
Home In Sunnydale

I put the phone down in disbelief after talking with Wesley. Buffy's alive? And in LA? This just doesn't make sense. Something is not adding up correctly. I certainly hope it wasn't Willow who brought her back. Willow should not be tampering with that sort of power. Those are dark, powerful magics, and she needs to be careful. It could completely consume her...

I hurried to pack my things in order to get back to Sunnydale as soon as possible. It's not as though I didn't believe Wesley.. it was just one of those things that you don't quite believe until you see it for yourself. And how much Buffy be feeling? How is she dealing with this? I feel I need to be there for her.

I stop packing and just sit down in my recliner. I put my hand on my head. None of this makes any sense. I mean, of course I am glad to have Buffy alive.. but at what price? Why is she back? What, emotionally, must she be going through? I suddenly have a purpose again, yet I am uncertain that I should be happy about such things. I guess I shall just have to see when I get back there.

I go back to packing and when I am finished, I sit down with a glass of scotch. Looking at the ceiling, I sigh to myself. Then, I am startled out of my daze when the phone next to me begins to ring. I pick it up after three rings, though I am hesitant. "Hello?"

(open to Willow)
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Buffy's....alive? [Jan. 24th, 2005|08:23 am]
Home In Sunnydale

I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in my bedroom on the floor. Okay it was just a dream. Ya that's all. I fell asleep and I thought about Buffy being here and she was. I looked to find the phone on the ground and I heard the phone beeping. The call must have ended. I turned my phone off and placed it back in the holder. So it wasn't a dream? Angel had really called and Willow was actually talking to him. And Angel actually said Buffy was alive. I don't really remember much after that.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. I also looked at a picture of Buffy and I together. I then started to write. I wasn't exactly sure what to write. I mean I could easily go to Angel to see if this was all true but what would that help. If Buffy really was here wouldn't he be coming here? After thinking about what actually to write I managed to come up with this:

Dear Willow,
I don't know what to say exactly, but I just had to go. Please don't worry about me. I will be back. So sorry about our plans for tonight but something more important came up. I need to go and think. Please don't try to find me.
Love always, Dawnie

I put the picture of me and Buffy on top of the note and I then placed the note on my bed. I was sure Willow would find it. I then opened my bedroom window and stood on the roof and pushed the window shut. Then I walked to the end of the roof and dropped down. I also grabbed a couple flowers from the flower bed.

I started to run just in case Willow saw me. Which I doubted she would. She probably had other people to call. I made my way to the cemtery. I climbed over the gate since I was to far away from the entrance. I ran through till I finally dropped down to my knees and looked at the two graves that sat in front of me. Joyce Summers on one and Buffy Summers on the other. I set the flowers down on each one.

I let the tears flow down my face as I laid down on the graves my face buried into my arm. Nothing makes any sense. If Buffy was alive...then can't mom be to. I couldn't believe it. Not till I saw Buffy again. I couldn't even believe it when she was gone so how could I believe she was back just from a phone call.

(Open to anyone...maybe Spike?)
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2005|12:23 pm]
Home In Sunnydale

I was exhausted by our journey. All of the tiredness and aches and pains had caught up with me and I had to force myself to relax after our adventures in Pylea. The air of LA felt more scratchy in my lungs and I felt dirtier all the time even though the sanitation faculties in Pylea had been abysmal compared to here.

My thoughts were for Angel Investigations as well as hitting the books and researching our latest conundrums. I was fascinated to learn how this Fred Burkle had become stranded in Pylea as well as ensuring that she did not hide in her room and die of starvation unattended.

I slowly knocked against the hotel room door with a warm expression of concern upon my face. "Fred- eh, I've brought up a little food for you." it was a four course meal that I had researched for the perfect combination of nummyness and nutrients.
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2005|06:44 pm]
Home In Sunnydale
I had just gotten back from a casual lunch with a good friend, Robson, from the Council. We hadn't had much to discuss regarding the council. The entire Council was completely inactive for an unknown amount of time... what with Faith being in jail and Buffy... gone. I could hardly think it. It was far too painful. Mr. Travers had told me that my emotional attachment to Buffy was wrong. I'd even been fired over it. But she had needed a father figure in her life. Yes, perhaps sometimes it does get in the way, but.. no. There's nothing wrong with it. Mr. Travers is just far too old-fashioned. Listen to me. I'm calling someone old-fashioned. If only Xander could here me now.

I was riding my horse out in the meadows behind my England home. Beautiful countryside as far as one could see. I'm trying to decide what direction my life should head in now. I'm no longer needed as a watcher... Maybe I could find a good museum of library to work in. I sigh to myself. I shall so miss my Watcher days. That sense of purpose, of family that I had with those people. Yes, I was more like a father, but I do miss it. I haven't even been gone that long. I don't feel I can work in a secluded library or anything of that sort anymore.

I arrive back at the stable. I dismount and lead my horse to her stall. I pat her on her nose and then bale some hay in for her to eat. I really don't have direction or purpose for my life. I need to rediscover that. It is what keeps me going. Keeps me from just being an old Englishman. I enter my house, taking my jacket off. I hang it up, then pull my glasses off to polish them with a kerchief from my pocket. Upon putting my my kerchief back, the telephone rings.

(ooc: open to whoever wants to call Giles about Buffy.. whenever)
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2005|06:53 pm]
Home In Sunnydale

I was left in Angel's office, the silence scaring me. He had gone to call Willow or Xander or even Dawn. Whoever was home now. Oh god. What will they think? Will they believe Angel? If Willow answers then yea, probably. But if Xande answers, he'd probably think Angel was playing some sick joke. And if Dawn answers..oh god. Dawn. I can't even imagine what she'd think.

Tears started welling up in my eyes, as memories from when I died rushed back to me. I was standing up on top of that tower, telling Dawn that I loved her and telling her to be brave for me. Then I ran and there I was, jumping off the tower, flying through the sky like a bird. Then it was over. I don't remember anything really, but I ended up in that place, where Angel was. I think he called it Pylea or something. I wonder why they wer there. I also don't know how the hell I ended up there. I was in Heaven though, I do rememvber that part. I was happy and at peace and Mom was there. Then all of a sudden, I wasn't anymore. I couldn't tell if it was a spell or anything, I just don't know.

Then, I just broke down crying. I couldn't stop this time. I was so confused and I felt so lost and alone, even though Angel was here. Part of me wanted to go back to Heaven because I was happy. But then the other part of me just wanted to go home to my friends and family and get some answers to why I was back. Giles would really come in handy now.

Finally, I got up and tried to stop crying. I opened the door and walked out of Angel's office. I walked down the hall and around the corner until I saw Cordelia. I walked up to her and tried to smile, still looking red, puffy-eyed from crying.

"Could I maybe stay with you? I don't want to be alone right now." Iput my arms around me and shivered. Yea, this was Cordelia but right now, she was the only person I knew and felt at least somewhat comfortable around..until Angel came back that is.

((open to Cordelia))
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2005|02:52 am]
Home In Sunnydale

[mood |nervousnervous]

After leaving Buffy alone in my room, I headed down to the lobby to make a rather.. difficult phone call. How was I supposed to call up Buffy's best friends.. or sister for that matter and tell them that she was alive again. They'd probably first not say anything for about ten minutes, then start to yell at me saying that this was a bad joke. Walking into my office, I shut the door behind me. I took a seat behind my desk and started a the wall for a moment.

I picked up the phone and stared at the dial. What was I going to say exactly? "Hey, guys. Guess what? Buffy's back from the great beyond.. again. What do you think about that?" Sighing, I rested my elbow on the desk and tried to concentrate on what I was about to do. Buffy said she wasn't sure about what they'd say or think about her being back.

Finally, I picked up the phone again and placed my fingers over the numbers. Slowly, I dialed the number of Buffy's house, hoping to get an answer. I couldn't imagine to think who might actually pick up the phone. I tried to prepare an answer in my mind for each person who might pick up.

The phone rang several times before I heard anyone pick up. Did anyone live here anymore? Maybe after Buffy died they moved out of her house. Not really knowing anything else to do, I kept my ear to the phone waiting for an answer. Finally, I heard someone pick up the phone.

[Open to Dawn, Willow, Xander,.. or anyone at Buffy's house wanting to know about dearly undeparted Buffy]
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2005|05:08 pm]
Home In Sunnydale
[mood |crappycrappy]

I woke up the next morning, feeling incredibly crappy. I guess it was because of how late I got in last night.When I had gotten home, Spike had been here, watching Dawnie. He looks kind of bad. I know he feels something for Buffy, or felt something for her. Not sure if it was love, but he still has feelings after all. The gang talked for a while. About how things were..now. I shook my head to rid those thoughts away, even though they'll come back sooner or later.

I went into the bathroom and washed up and then I headed downstairs. I heard noise in the kitchen and when I got the bottom of the stairs, I saw that it was Dawnie. I walked in and plopped down at the table.

"Hey, your up early."
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2004|05:25 pm]
Home In Sunnydale

[mood |depresseddepressed]

"Bloody hell," I mutter and flip through the channels. Glancin' over at Dawn, I sigh and get more comfy cozy on this recliner. Don't know where everyone else is and don't rightly care. I still had my duty and that was to protect the bit from creatures and the such. Don't see the other scooby freaks doin' it anyway.

S'all my fault it is, this whole bloody thing. If only I didn't get tossed off that blasted tower like some ninny, I'da grabbed the 'bit and Buffy'd be still here. Yackin' with that beautiful mouth of hers. Rather have her beatin' on me right now then be cold in the ground, six feet deep. Just anything to show me she was alive and breathin'.

Too late for that I 'spose.

Groanin', I get up from the chair and toss the remote to the telly down on the seat. Struttin' into the kitchen, I grab a bag 'o blood from the fridge and pour it into a cup. Stickin' it in the zapper, I wait, tappin' my fingers on the edge of the counter. Grabbin' it, I take a sip, vamping out, havin' my fill of this disgusting blood.

98.6. Just the way I bloody well like it.

Lickin' my lips, I set the cup down, turnin' and goin' back into the livin' room, checkin' on the Niblet. Still fast asleep. Reckon' I should get some sleep, haven't done that much. Too many bloody dreams that a bloke like me can't escape.

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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2004|01:22 am]
Home In Sunnydale

Well, here's another mess that I got myself into. I'm stuck here in some dimension where I turn into some crazy monster and I run into crazy girls in caves. All I can say is that I'm glad that we got Cordy out of her "palace". She had to leave some guy behind that was a Gro..Grew.. well, something that sounded like a slug. After we all tore her away from her new found love, we started making our way back to car that was hopefully still hidden in the bushes.

We took a short pit stop and picked up a new friend to take home with us. She was a girl that we had been looking for back in LA and ended up here in Pylea finding her in a cave. Turns out she'd been here for five years or so living as a slave. Winifred, or "Fred" was a little.. interesting, crazy even. Well, who wouldn't be after spending five years as a slave and living in a cave? I was borderline crazy whenever I lived in alleys and ate vermin.

Fred and I arrived at the scene just as everyone had finished clearing the car of the branches. She somewhat clung to my arm which I thought was a little odd. I helped her into the car and we all stood around for a little bit. I looked up at the sky and saw the sun.. or suns. I was going to miss this being able to stand out in the open sunlight. Why couldn't our dimension be like this? Everyone made their way into the car and I looked around the area just to make sure everything was alright and that we'd be able to leave as easily as possible.

Just as I was about to get inside the car I saw a flash and heard a crackling sound. I fell forward hitting my head on the car door and fell to the ground. I sat up slowly and made my way to my knees. I could hear Fred in the background asking if I was alright.

"Angel? You alright? Cause if you're not I'm not sure if I wanna take this fun trip all the way back to LA wi--"

I decided to interrupt her. Who knows how long she might go on if no one does. "Fred, I'm alright. I just hit my head." I stood up and looked around. "What was that?" It was almost like a portal had opened up or something. I looked around some more, but didn't see anything. Frowning, I walked a few steps away from the car, trying to find anything that might have come out of a portal.

[Open to Buffy, Fred, Cordy, or anybody currently in Pylea]
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