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I was left in Angel's office, the silence scaring me. He had gone to… - Home In Sunnydale [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 19th, 2005|06:53 pm]
Home In Sunnydale


I was left in Angel's office, the silence scaring me. He had gone to call Willow or Xander or even Dawn. Whoever was home now. Oh god. What will they think? Will they believe Angel? If Willow answers then yea, probably. But if Xande answers, he'd probably think Angel was playing some sick joke. And if Dawn answers..oh god. Dawn. I can't even imagine what she'd think.

Tears started welling up in my eyes, as memories from when I died rushed back to me. I was standing up on top of that tower, telling Dawn that I loved her and telling her to be brave for me. Then I ran and there I was, jumping off the tower, flying through the sky like a bird. Then it was over. I don't remember anything really, but I ended up in that place, where Angel was. I think he called it Pylea or something. I wonder why they wer there. I also don't know how the hell I ended up there. I was in Heaven though, I do rememvber that part. I was happy and at peace and Mom was there. Then all of a sudden, I wasn't anymore. I couldn't tell if it was a spell or anything, I just don't know.

Then, I just broke down crying. I couldn't stop this time. I was so confused and I felt so lost and alone, even though Angel was here. Part of me wanted to go back to Heaven because I was happy. But then the other part of me just wanted to go home to my friends and family and get some answers to why I was back. Giles would really come in handy now.

Finally, I got up and tried to stop crying. I opened the door and walked out of Angel's office. I walked down the hall and around the corner until I saw Cordelia. I walked up to her and tried to smile, still looking red, puffy-eyed from crying.

"Could I maybe stay with you? I don't want to be alone right now." Iput my arms around me and shivered. Yea, this was Cordelia but right now, she was the only person I knew and felt at least somewhat comfortable around..until Angel came back that is.

((open to Cordelia))

[User Picture]From: corky_cordelia
2005-01-25 05:42 am (UTC)
I stood there in an empty room looking at the jewels I had brought with me. They were nice and reminded me of Gru. I had changed my clothes and now I was wearing nothing but Angel's clothes. Which was odd because he had like no fashion sense what so ever but I had to admit his clothes looked very good on me. Smiling once more at an old rusty mirror I turned around grabbed the box of goods and headed out the door.

I was ready to go back home and make sure it was all in one piece. Dennis always tended to make a mess while I was gone so I could possibly be cleaning for the rest of the night. I made my way through the hallway when I suddenly saw Buffy at the end of it. I carefully walked up to her and wondered what exactly was she was doing here, in this hall. I looked her up and down and noticed her eyes were puffy and red.

I knew she had been crying just by the looks of her, I should know I tended to look the same way but of course I knew how to hide it better. My jaw almost dropped as she mentions something about staying with me. Never on this lifetime would I ever expect her to say anything along the lines of 'can I stay with you?' Pausing for a moment I tried to gather my thoughts. She had been through a lot and I couldn't just tell her 'no' I want to be alone.

"Sure, I live half-way across town, is that okay?"

I said with a smile. I knew Angel would want me to make her feel comfortable but geeze even this was way out of my league. For all I know she is on the road to breakdown city and how on earth would I handle that situation. I place my hand on her should and guided her to the lobby. I handed her the box and went to my desk to get my coat.

"You ready?"
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[User Picture]From: trueslayer26
2005-01-25 02:55 pm (UTC)
I looked up at Cordelia. I know this must be a bit weird for her, to just take me in like this, but right now, she's the only one here I know, besides Angel.

"Sure, thats fine." I mananged to get out, without starting to cry again. "Thanks." I said with a smile.

She guided me to the lobby and handed me this box, while she went and got her coat.

When she came back over, she asked if I was ready.

"Yeah, sure. But, um..will Angel be worried about where I went? Or, are you going to call him and tell him? Because, he'll probably still expect me to be in his office when he comes back."

I looked at her worried.
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[User Picture]From: corky_cordelia
2005-01-27 07:37 am (UTC)
I tried to put my coat on and get ready. I was anxious to leave and there was nothing that was going to stop me...Well there was always Buffy I guess. I paused for a moment trying to gather my thoughts on the whole situation. I was sure he'd want her to stick around her so they could have their little talk. It was perfectly find of course but I wanted to leave so bad.


I sighed as I fell onto the seat.

"We can stay here but I'm not promising all night. If he takes more than an hour I'm so out of here."

I was maybe a little harsh but truth be told I was still a little worried about my appartment. It wasn't like Dennis could and would answer the phone. I knew he probably missed me, which was always good. I looked back at Buffy. I didn't exactly know what to ask her or what to say her so I went with what first came to my mind.

"Do you want to play a game? or something?"
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[User Picture]From: trueslayer26
2005-01-28 08:59 pm (UTC)
I sat back down near Cordelia's desk and sighed. Then, I sort of smiled when she asked if I wanted to play a game or something.

"Well, unless you want to, that is." I said to her, smiling, feeling a bit better than I was.

I wonder where Angel was. I knew he was calling Willow, but he should be done by now. I hope it went okay. I'm so nervous. What will they think?

I looked at Cordy. "Could I maybe have a glass of water, or something? After being dead, you get kind of thirsty." I smiled.
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